Air Scrub FiltersAir Scrub Filters

What makes the Air Scrub Filter® special is that you can get a customized manufactured high efficiency pleated filter at a competitive price. We understood that there was the demand for a quality product that can improve indoor air quality, help lower energy cost, assist in maintaining the single most expensive household appliance in your home (your air conditioner), and most important… making it available at any size.

The Air Scrub Filter® media used is electrostatically charged enabling the filter to attract and hold fine airborne particles. The pleats in the filter are closer together allowing more pleats per square inch trapping particles while filtering cleaner air without restricting air flow. Other typical filters like the blue or white fiberglass filters, washable filters, and hog hair filters can miss certain allergens and other airborne particles which can possibly damage your HVAC system increasing energy consumption. Air Scrub Filters® have a steel grid that supports the filter eliminating bending or collapsing caused by pressure due to air moving through the filter. And unlike other filter that sit unwrapped on a shelf collecting dust and dirt Air Scrub Filters® are individually sealed at the factory making it 100% clean and efficient when you unwrap it.

Air Scrub Filters® is not only dedicated to your family’s indoor air quality and comfort but we also do our part to protect the environment. Our filters do not use harmful dyes, coatings, or materials that could be released into the environment.