Air Scrub Filters FAQ

What does MERV mean?
MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Value. It is a number used in a test method that was designed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). The number is intended to help people compare different kinds of filters. In general, the larger the MERV rating the more efficient in trapping particles from the air stream.
What is the difference between Air Scrub Filters® and other air filters?
Air Scrub Filters® is designed to do several things. The medial used in all Air Scrub Filters® is electrostatically charged enabling the filter to attract and hold fine airborne particles. The pleats in the filter are closer together allowing more pleats per square inch trapping particles while filtering cleaner air without restricting air flow. Other typical filters like the blue or white fiberglass filters, washable filters, and hog hair filters can miss certain allergens and other airborne particles which can possibly damage your HVAC system an increase energy consumption. Air Scrub Filters® have a steel grid that supports the filter eliminating bending or collapsing caused by pressure due to air moving through the filter. And unlike other filter that sit unwrapped on a shelf collecting dust and dirt Air Scrub Filters® are individually sealed at the factory making it 100% clean and efficient when you unwrap it. Our filters do not use harmful dyes, coatings, or materials that could be released into the environment. Many of the popular hardware stores and retail stores carry filters that are similar to that of Air Scrub Filters® but they are not able to provide the sizes that is able to provide.
What MERV rating is the Air Scrub Filters®?
The filters are rated a MERV 8.
How do I know the exact size filter I need?
All our filters are manufactured within a 1/8 of an inch. We suggest that you find a tape measure that has the 1/8 fractions and measure the "inside" dimension of the return grill or furnace or air handler, depending what part of the United States you live in. If you have any questions click on the “how to measure a filter” link on the home page or contact us.
How often do I change my Air Scrub Filter®?
The life efficiency of an air filter can vary depending upon many conditions in your home. When switching from a typical fiberglass filter to a higher efficiency filter you may notice that the filter traps more particles. If that happens replace the filter as needed. Failure to replace a used and dirty filter may result in a reduction of airflow which can lead to damaging your HVAC system. Depending on your home environment results may vary but under certain normal conditions the filter can last up to three months.
What happens if my Air Scrub Filter® doesn’t fit?
If the Air Scrub Filter® does not meet your complete satisfaction return the product for a one time replacement. Shipping excluded.
What is your return policy?
If the Air Scrub Filter® does not meet your complete satisfaction return the product for a one time replacement. Shipping excluded.
How can I get a maintenance agreement for my filters and air conditioner?
If you live in the Lee County area you are eligible to receive exclusive maintenance agreements. Just cliick on "Comfort Plans" and you can read about the various maintenance agreements we offer.
How long until I receive my Air Scrub Filters®?
Normally, the filters are shipped within three to five days working day from when the order is placed and submitted.
Will the Air Scrub Filters® create a pressure drop or restrict airflow?
The specially designed pleats allow for high velocity systems and maximum airflow. If the filter is dirty than a pressure drop or restriction of air flow may occur.
Does the price include shipping?
No. the price for shipping will appear at the check out portion of the shopping cart.
Does Air Scrub Filters® ship all over the United States?
Does Air Scrub Filters® Ship outside the United States?
Not currently.
Is there a minimum order of filters?
All Air Scrub Filters® come in packs of four individually wrapped. So, one order equals four filters meaning minimum order is one.
Does the Air Scrub Filters® require special installation?
No, there are no tools or special adaptation needed. Just follow the instructions below:
1. Remove old filter. Then Remove wrapper from your new Air Scrub Filter®
2. Make sure the arrows (located on the side of the filter) is pointed in the direction of the air flow suction.
3. For maximum efficiency within normal conditions replace the Air Scrub Filter® every 90 days.
Do you sell other types of filters?
Yes we do but you will have to place the order over the phone. We are currently working on having other air filters available on line.
Is there a discount if I buy a lot of filters?
Not currently but we will offer money saving coupons in the near future.