Air Scrub Filters About Us

The idea of the Air Scrub Filter® derived from an HVAC contractor whom has worked in the field for over 35 years. Bernd Heinz Stiller Sr. a German immigrant, known to his customers and friends as Bernie, started and air conditioning company in 1991 called Independent Air Conditioning. He noticed that many customers who had maintenance agreements with his competitors almost always installed the cheap cut out washable media filter. Customers would tell him that the competing air conditioning companies could not find the correct size air filters and that the cut out washable kind worked just fine and had a three to five year guarantee. Knowing that those cheap cut out washable media filters where not in the best interest of the customer he decided to change the scope of the maintenance agreement.

The first step in any good maintenance plan is offering a good air filter that will trap many of the common airborne pollutants with out restricting air flow. He wanted to offer customers a quality product that can improve indoor air quality, help lower energy cost, be changed out on the average every three months, assist in maintaining the single most expensive household appliance in their home (the air conditioner), and most important… making it available in any size. Though the mission was simple enough it was difficult to apply it. Most single family homes do not have a “common size” air filter making it virtually impossible to find a quality air filter at the most popular hardware and retail stores. Considering most of his competitors did not invest emotionally and financially in their own customer’s best interest it was easier just to cut the filter media to size and let the customer worry about washing it and drying it or finding a pleated filter that was close in size crushing and bending it so it can fit. 

That is why Bernie decided to visit several manufacturers and partner up with one to provide a filter that can be made in any size and block many indoor air pollutants thus improving indoor air quality and keeping the air conditioning and duct system cleaner. Once the Air Scrub Filter® was developed he then offered the ideal maintenance agreement. His company would visit customer four times a year replacing air filters and providing complete diagnostic check ups of their air conditioning system at a competitive price. 

The most important thing to him and his company is to be able to build a trustful, long lasting relationship with every customer and informing and educating the customer into making the best decisions possible to meet their needs without making them feel pressured, obligated, and uncomfortable while ensuring and providing them the right products and services to facilitate that. So, he decided to open a store where people can walk in, find their odd sized filter and talk to certified technicians about their indoor air quality and air conditioning. He also decided that everyone should have the opportunity and accessibility to purchase a quality efficient air filter of any size. So he decided to create this website for people to easily and securely find the quality air filters they need with just a few mouse clicks. 

Being able to order a high efficiency, quality, pleated air filter of any size and having a place where people will never be forced into buying something they don’t need, can get as much information and material as they want, and have access to products and services that benefits the customer’s needs in indoor air quality and air conditioning allowed him to change the scope of customer service in the HVAC industry.